The Bethel High School, BHS, is a government run co-ed secondary institution located on the leeward side of St.Vincent in Campden Park.   There is a present enrollment of 602 students with a teaching force of 44 teachers.  There are presently 24 classrooms with 26 classes housing five forms.  The school houses an office, staffroom, computer lab, three science labs- Junior, Chemistry and Biology Labs, art room, Computer Lab, counselling room, tuck shop, library and a general auditorium.  Classes commence at 8:30 a.m promptly Mondays to Fridays.

MAIN OFFICE                                  COMPUTER LAB

The major aims of the institution are to;

    The major aims of the institution are to;

    • develop competence in relevant subject areas in appropiate stages.
    • provide an environment which will promote responsible behavior and develop favourable attitudes to learning.
    • make Students aware of desirable community standards and attitudes and to develop these in our students
    • prepare students to cope adequately with post secondary/school responsibilities

  The school also seeks to achieve the following aims and objectives:
    • to help students develop lively enquiring minds ; giving them the ability to question and argue rationally and to apply themseleves to tasks.
    • to help students to the maximum development of their physical qualities giving them an understanding of the means of achieving and the benefits of physical fitness, health and hygiene.
    • to help students to use language effectively and imaginatively in reading, writing, speaking and listening; and to communicate by non-verbal means.
    • to provide a basis of mathematical, scientific and technical knowledege, enabling students to learn the essential skills needed in a fast-changing world of work.
    • to help students to develop their own value systems and to respect the rights of others to their own value systems.
    • to help students understand how our country is governed and to instil an awareness of the social, civic and political responsibilities and the rights of citizenship.
    • to teach students about human achievement and aspirations and in particular to make them aware of the traditions and culture of our past heritage.
    • to help students understand the world in which we live, and the interdependence of nations.
    • to help students appreciate the economic frame-work of society.
    • to encourage and foster the development of the students whose social, physical or environmental disadvantages or intellectual differences cripple their capacity to learn or to achieve their full potential, if necessary by making additional resources available to them.
    • to help create for students a school environment conducive to the effective utilisation of leisure time and to generate an understanding of the implications of sound, practical habits.
    • to enable individuals to use in a creative way their talents and capabilities for the betterment of society.

THE SCHOOL'S P.T.A (Parent-Teachers' Association)

     P.T.A meetings are held each term.  Parents/Guardians are members.  Whenever meetings are scheduled, invitation letters are given to students to deliver.  They are instructed to remind their parents/guardians about the time for that meeting when the time draws near.  Parents/Guardians should realise that if they care about their children and their education then they will make a desperate effort to attend these meetings, anxious to hear what the teachers have to say.


      Prefects are selected by teachers and administration from the fifth(5th) forms and fourth(4th) forms if necessary.  Their selection is based on a high standard of academic work, positive attitude, punctuality, decorum, maturity, responsibility and good leadership qualities.  The prefect body is designed to assist with the overall discipline of the school.

To listen to the school song click on play.

1.     Come one and all, come let us sing,
        Yes, set aside just everything
        To praise our dear School.
        You do expect us to excel
        So let us all do well,
        If you wish to put  us to the test
        We will always strive to do our best.

2.    We thank our parents, teachers too,
        Our friends and those who've seen us through,
        In song, we salute you.
        We've made mistakes along the way,
        But for us all, please pray,
        With excellence, though young, we'll build our Nation
        Through self-discipline and dedication.

3.      This is no idle boast, nor fun
        Our Alma Mater's second to none,
        We're proud, yes truly proud.
        We can't forget those walls of learning,
        For which our hearts keep yearning
        We shall always hold your good name high
        Let this promise reach up to the sky.
        We shall always hold your good name high
        Let this promise reach up to the sky.
        We shall always hold your good name high
        Let this promise reach up to the sky.

Composed by Orman Williams: April, 1989




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